About CamEra Photography

Photography is such a hands-on activity that its precision, the beauty of work prepared from the lens of a camera, the detail captured well is only noticed when somebody views the picture and says – “Beautiful!” CamEra Photography sustains on those beautiful comments of the beholder!

In a population of billions, making a mark is always a fulfilling thing to achieve and CamEra is the product of a similar effort by our coolest founders Kavita and Nikeeta. Turning their hobby into passion and then to a full throttle business of something they love doing, calls for a salute to their wings of creativity and belief in themselves to make it all possible. 

Starting in 2009, the women power of two has seen a lot. The highs and the lows, the kick start to their mission go rough and then smooth, from being accepted by the people to being loved and called for more assignments – a joyous ride which they thoroughly enjoyed and keep doing so even now!

CamEra as a collective stands for memories, the smiles, the people and the stories that are creatively narrated through a magical and effortless lens. The vision of this photography setup is to make their clientele rewind and live the events, special days and emotions through brilliantly captured pictures and videos.

Dancing our way through Weddings, bringing Products in the right light, focusing on special Events, majoring Lifestyle photography, cracking the right Profiles – we know our job and our camera well! Equipped with the right and efficient team of photographers, cinematographer, video and photo editors we are the squad that approaches a project with enthusiasm and keep our energy intact till we have delivered it to our clients.

As a team, we brainstorm for the best creative ideas to give the project at hand the special CamEra spin! What gets us going is the part where we initiate conversations with our clients. For us, it’s thrilling to learn about new people and hear them express themselves. This process of getting to know them gives us more insight in the approach to our work and of course the necessary excitement.

Holding our grounds, adapting to our times, ever ready to grasp any ounce of inspiration – CamEra thrives on smiles and happiness. It takes pride in delivering simple joys to people and collating a magnificent Era of Moments that is a treasure for a lifetime!

Meet Kavita Palange

Co-founder, CamEra Photography

MA in Literature, Soft Skills trainer for eight long years and then pursuing photography from National Institute of Photography, Kavita landed safely to the juncture of being the proud Co- founder of CamEra.
Believer of surprises, she realized that photography is her calling on a road trip to a friend’s wedding! Now heading the Operations and the Technical Team for CamEra along with her photography, she breathes and lives her dream through the marvels of angles and lens.


Meet Nikeeta Sharma

Co-founder, CamEra Photography
A sports person since school, a graduate in Commerce with a job experience in Sales and Marketing, Nikeeta just surrendered with pleasure to the entrepreneur in her by becoming the Co-founder at CamEra. She realized her ability in time and created her own opportunity to shine and give her creativity the right direction. Director of Sales and Marketing at CamEra (as she masters it) and a photographer with a creative eye, she has the knack to create the perfect moment.